I rhyme with easiness, Like just drinking water, This gives many giddiness, As they feel, lost is the matter, So, I, at times, use free verse, And that appeals to many, Ideas, we must disburse, And remove readers' agony.

Do not Rhyme All the Time

Am I writing good poetry by properly rhyming?
Why against rhyming, many are sadly screaming?

There are many ways to rhyme a poetry actually
But, why modern poets call this rhyming silly?

When I rhyme cat and rat, it totally upsets them
They vigorously scold me for writing a lousy poem

When I say that heart-beat must be ever rhythmic
And like that a poem must have that rhyming trick

Many just laugh at me and call me a foolish poet
By firmly calling that my rhyming ability is no asset

One person seriously scolded my poem saying bad
I responded and in my reply, no rhyme, I did add

The moderator lauded my reply saying too good
Suggesting that I must supply such poetic food

The same rhyme poem, if was given in free verse
He felt that would, like healing medicines, nurse

When I reread that poem which was finely rhymed
Appreciation was not by my own heart then claimed

I felt that that poetic critic might have told the truth
Rhyme or free verse, our idea must be just mammoth.


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 882 times
Written on 2013-08-20 at 18:52

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