Get a grip

scatter brain
scatter gun
shattered pieces of existence
like shell-shocked debris in the corners
where is the super glue
that will put this humpty back

Poetry by Åsa Andersson
Read 400 times
Written on 2013-10-11 at 06:19

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Although, on the surface this seems to be relating to absent mindedness that strikes the best if us, the usd of the phrase scatter gun, gives it a darker meaning. To me at least, I am reminded of sinister events, the verse evokes a feeling of a schizophrenic mind. In truth, this may not be your intention, but, poetry is all things to all people, enough to say, I like it. But, I refuse to just say that in a comment, or something as lame ad "nice", shoot me if I ever do! If I knew how to bookmark, I would.

ngaio Beck
This really belongs to all of us. Clever.

Ferenc Inigo Beck
Excellent analogy!