I may get a promotion, So, came this poetic emotion, To decide, I argue, By analyzing my view, God only knows the result, God also I do consult.

Advantage of Courage

If courage is not in heart
We cannot do great action
Our heart must be strong
We must bear the worst

If our heart is very flimsy
Then we become puny
We fail to procure glory
Our aim turns too low

We accept not a position
That may need boldness
We give room for fear
We tremble with worry

Due to our great cowardice
We fall a prey for sorrow
As we achieve not anything
Wastefully our life is lived

Once we prefer to be brave
Great courage will then flow
That may help us achieve
So, please be courageous.


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 947 times
Written on 2013-11-28 at 11:37

Tags Courage  Confidence  Boldness 

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Dear Friendly Poet,

You have made my New Year glorious
For your sake, I must write nobly
Thank you dear brother for your pat
May God bless you to inspire poor me.


Ferenc Inigo Beck
Very well put.