Having a coffee with an old flame.

Was there something in her smile?

Was there something in her smile?
Her foxy eyes
Adorable, I don't know.
My old flame from unforgettable days.

And the way, she looked at me
But I don't know her now
Anyway, she looked cute to me.

Was there something in her voice
In the tone
That enchanted me, I don't know
But sure, she looked good to me.

And those sweet days, of love
Hard not thinking of
When we shared a trip
to Tenerif.

Was there something on her mind
a sudden glitch
A rememberance, of what
Was it me? or am I just dreaming.

But there's no way to go back
too many years have passed.
But the spark's still there.
I wont deny,
I cant deny,
She would never admit
but she cant deny
She can't deny it.

Poetry by Richard
Read 756 times
Written on 2013-12-20 at 22:22

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