I did not come here by choice,
but out of sheer necessity.
You did not invite me,
and I am not related to anyone you know.

I was never gifted with the art of fitting in
and you were never partial to strangers.
Well, let's just say there was
some mutual suspicion and leave it at that.

I always wanted to leave, but
responsibilities and duties kept me here;
leaving would be worse than staying,
'cause that's just how I was raised.

The constant struggle took its toll,
I will not lie about that.
I could never live here,
but could not live with myself if I left.

Still, thirteen years crept up on me
and before I knew what happened
faces places became familiar
and now I know each and every path.

You will even greet me
when we meet by chance out in the street.
Resistance is futile:
Assimilation has begun.

Poetry by Åsa Andersson
Read 558 times
Written on 2013-12-25 at 16:23

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you depicted it very well
but there is following me
an absurdity in all this
i would have liked to add three
sentences to this to show
how deadly it can be though

I've never moved from where I am and yet this resonates with me, as both where I am and who I am have changed over the years, but there is still and always some core essential essence, enduring and unalterable, that makes me and my place inseparable.

Wonderfull ending that at first might seem whimsical but in fact and in context is pitch perfect.

Chaucer Whethers The PoetBay support member heart!
Very well written.. like seeing
a movie about estrangement
and alienation.

OMG, the Borg! Where's Guinan, I need a drink.

This is powerful, and claustrophobic (in finding yourself in the hole you've dug). This scares me, it's too, too familiar, though different circumstances. Acceptance and surrender are awfully similar sometimes. Strong stuff, and a touch of black humor to drive home the point.