Love n' hate...

Love n' hate
goes two ways
into glory or
into haze

Love is strong
so is hate
what ever goes your way
it'll be your fate

truth and lies
would be the same
cuZ in the end
its all just a game

dear or fear
is a matter if you care
broken trust
can be repaird

is not the pain
it's the reason why
you're goin' insane

hate is lost
so is love
when you cant find
what you dreamin' of

we love to hate
we hate to love
but we do love n' we hate
it is our human fate

love scars
hate does too
cant find the reasons
without you

love is wide

hate is pride

Both became our doom

Poetry by ChiLLie
Read 803 times
Written on 2006-04-14 at 00:22

Tags Love  Hate 

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Amanda K
i am shocked that no1 did stop by and spared a moment 2 comment. it deservesto be read. it has many facts and meanings though a bit confusing when u added others terms like real.....etc.

All the best ,keep writing,