You can't see anything else than what I let you see, can you??


You watch me as I smile and as I laugh,
do you think I'm glad?
Dont you know that for every breth I take,
I remember what we had?
for every word that is spoken
My heart bleed in dispair
for every moment of my life
I wish you were there

For every day I saw your georgus smile,
Not once a tear I cried
You dont know all the feelings that I faked,
You'll never know I lied
You'll always see this happy girl
Evry day she shines of bright
almost like a newborn star
But behind evry smile there's a fight

Why cant you read me between the lines?
I told the only truth
Cant you see whats behind the lies in me?
Insecure and youth
Someone once told me that pride kills
Evry inch of love,
I know pride killed more than what
our dreams were made of

Dont feel bad, and please
dont say you're sorry
cuZ' time eases the pain
so dont you worry
even when I fake it all
and when I play pritend,
I'll stay by and hoping that
the pain soon will mend...

Poetry by ChiLLie
Read 1125 times
Written on 2006-04-14 at 00:41

Tags Love  Broken  Lost 

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What a lovely thought out and written piece here . Rather touching actually . Enjoyed this read a lot . It has meaning !! ... G