The day my heart died.

Memories, go away!

I phoned her a cold friday morning in May
I had to hear her voice
I wanted to ask some questions
And if she remembered me.

Her voice was light and I recalled
The sweetness in her kindhearted soul.

We talked about things that happened long ago
When she crashed with a car
How I played at her bed in the hospital
And some secrets I won't reveal.

But she's happy now, She is married
and I said: What a lucky guy!

We talked at least for one hour
And I asked her out for lunch.
What I had in mind, I don't really know
But I have to see her soon, before I go.

She's married now, what can I do
But hold back my love, that is true.

There's only one thing to do now
Life must go on, I must forget
I have to forgive myself
being so stupidly in love.

But she's happy now, I would be glad
Memories go away! though I am sad.

So I went out that chilly afternoon
Heartbroken and nowhere to go
Tried to sort out my misdirected feelings
I surely would know.

But she's happy now, and I am glad
but it's hurts to say: Memories go away!
Go away!

Poetry by Richard
Read 741 times
Written on 2014-02-14 at 02:20

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