Signed and Sealed

Sealed sentiments swell

Inked upon woven fibers

mingled with the scent of

pressed violaceous flowers

With an eternal Message

Wielding words that read:

“I will always love you”

And wanting to be opened

Again and again and again

Poetry by melanie sue
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Written on 2014-02-14 at 23:48

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I agree with Jim that the lost art of letter writing is regrettable. A letter with floral scents, bright seals, and fine textures is a feast for the senses. Try doing that with an email. :)

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There was a reality to letters which *was* tangible. To open, hold, read, and reread a letter was powerful. You've caught that,
and caught it elegantly. Thank you.


This is so lovely, reminds me of letters sent with SWALK. It's those last two lines that say it all.