Star boy

What kind of woman do you want
Star boy?
My intellect was never strong enough
to keep you.
You could never understand
The soil, the grass was not for you,
busy howling to the stars and the moon.
That map is not mine, Star boy.
Is independence really a virtue?
I can hear you howling,
as I am laying in the grass.
I want to forget you,
but your fingerprints never left my body.

Poetry by pia
Read 860 times
Written on 2006-04-15 at 21:07

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Ron. S. King
I love this, it is very strong. As an astrologer, the title had me reading and your words kept me going...And my mind kept me wondering..Great read!...Ron.

Dave Glavin
Your use of words astounds me.

Wow---the imagery on this is unreal---LOVE IT!

Zoya Zaidi
The last line Pia!!!!
Is like a crime leaving clues behind,
Like a lust forgetting to clean behind,
Like a sinner leaving a 'sign' behind,
Like a loved fogetting to come back,
Like a skin wanting to slough off!
((((hugs fora very thought-provoking piece))))
I have said that before and, I'lll say it again: Pia, you are a find!
Love,xxx, Zoya

This one I like so much!
"That map is not mine, Star boy." Wonderful.
And the last line goes out with such a strong vibration.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
a poem of deep longing and heart felt love
so beautifully put rgds michael