A Man Out of Time

" I was not looking for a cage
In which to mope in my old age." --- W H Auden

Turning sixty-five is not without its pleasures,
though the parameters of youth are rendered void.
You discover illusions are become a virtual reality,
a chimera you never outlived whose core is unmalleable.

So, one finds solace in their granddaughter,
who is unshackled by your paradoxes,
who presupposes only links to the obtainable.
And yet, she loves her "silly grandpa".

Old age is unexpected and doubt arises in the doctrine of wisdom,
a glass of prune juice becoming regiment.
Yet, granddaughters can connect the dots,
and, just maybe, afford us that second chance.

Poetry by Brian Oarr
Read 900 times
Written on 2014-03-13 at 22:18

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Purple Phoenix
Children; so cuttingly honest... and unconditionally loving. Welcome back Brian.... good to read you again. ;)

Nabeela Altaf
This is lovely. You speak of hope and love so profoundly.

Yes, exactly . . . my grandsons are "that second chance" and in a way a second chance with their parents too.