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NOTE:  2014 03 19  02H35 EST  His Guardian Angel Said No -

His Guardian Angel Said No


- follow-up to ''The Awakening'' ... the letter that followed...


How could she ever heal

from the violence he did

and how on earth would she

with the way he suggested


He sent her a letter a few

months after his attack

he said he'd use a knife and

slice himself each day 'til


she's healed from all the

pain he caused her that night

He said her caring love freaked

him out and he doesn't know


He called it a beast inside him

one he didn't know lurked

She didn't quite know what to

make of his words, still doesn't


Doesn't he realize that she'd

not be the same she used to be

after having gone through his

episode of whatever it may be


That the likelihood that she'll

ever get back to herself is nil

how he killed her abilities for

spontaneity and feeling secure


When a friend makes another

friend kiss the brink in this way

it breaks something in you

Makes you feel things differently


So for him to even suggest

what he's doing now, beggars belief

In the same token, his apology

ended with a new request for help


He called her his Guardian Angel

but throttled, battered, tattered

on the floor he left her to fade out

Could she realistically ever forget


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Written on 2014-03-20 at 00:41

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Well written, like it!

Excellent write. Some things can never be taken away. It's time to find the strength to find the new person that is formed from the experience:
Strong, and formidable.

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Well written.

Ah yes the eternal problem of the candy-land called redemption: It is all good there in the candy land of redemption where everything is possible One can see the innocence, caring love one fell in love with - remember it find it inside one's self but then when "the order of things" is restored the person that exits the candy-land called redemption is exactly the same and is bound to repeat the same mistake in another (more creative?)way or exactly the same.

So the: "save me from myself" is impossible what is possible though is to split one's self aka have a beast living inside that cannot be controlled and be & feel as young as the day before the beast was created until next time;)

Thank you for the reading experience:)