A brief observation as I travel to my workplace

On time

Peering through the wet window of the Landy I could just make out the lights of Lincoln.
The splattering of watery mud, can be heard, slapping the sides of the 4wd while it rhythmically vibrates to the terrain.
I feel the tyres slide out through the unsealed rain soaked road and it's then that I catch a glimpse of the woolen scarf dancing off the shoulders of the driver.
Pretty young girl, she is, with her dark blue eyes and almost bleach blonde hair tied in an unassuming pony tail. The positioning of her lips mirrors her determination to battle the outside elements. "We are getting to work come heaven or high water" she warmly laughs
The sun clips the top of the rise as we head toward the busily built gates greatly challenging any sunglass that claim to be polarized.
The old Landy engine pulls up to stop, it's peaceful with only the wind and rain, and i wait just for a moment, before I brave the icy southern squall in my face. How strange... to have to wear sunnies and a beanie on the same day...
While it was not the most glamorous of jobs there was something quite exhilarating about getting to work on time ... And alive

Short story by Chrlisangl
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Written on 2014-06-14 at 00:14

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