toddlers ... Need I say more

Mummy needs a little helper

Half eaten pear found under the bed
A couple of days too late
Sloppy chocolate kisses in my hair
(washed just this morning)
But any kiss I'll take
Grubby fingers love glass doors
Muddy feet to clean floors
The inspection in one hour
they just upturned the flour
Along with the soya sauce

It's no wonder
Mummy needs a little helper

Paint stained hands and clothes
Oh Thank god for the salvos!
Crayon drawings on the wall
Delayed appointment
Harrison can't find his ball!
Interrupted nights and early mornings
Its 2oclock and I'm still yawning
Supermarket meltdowns and public tantrums
Birthday conundrums and celebrations

It's no wonder
Mummy needs a little helper

Cuddles when you least expected
Tears wiped dry after heads connected
Hope that will teach them
Not to scoot in the kitchen
While mummy mashes the potatoes
Let's crank up the music
And dance for a while
It's Too wet to play outside
Does it matter if I'm still in my pjamis
the neighbour peers through our window?

It's no wonder
Mummy needs a little helper

Naked babes running stark
Out in the dirt, they just had a shower!
Scaring off monsters in the dark
I find myself counting the hour
Til they will be tucked in their bed
With sleepy heads
Dreaming a dream to come
How precious are they
My beautiful children
I do love them immensely
such delicious fun

Buts it's any wonder
Mummy needs a little helper

Poetry by Chrlisangl
Read 709 times
Written on 2014-06-19 at 00:43

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Aha, this one made me smile

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
This brought me back to when my boys were all little - yep mummy did need a little helper occasionally - precious moments, precious times, tuck them to you and keep them tight, they go so fast

Elle x