well.... you did it to teach me about real life, didn't you???

You just made me love you!

You just made me love you
Then you just hung up the phone
you've just brought back the fear
Then you left me here, all alone

So damd alone,
and cold in the vally of regret,
the wounds you made
have not mended yet

You just swung your heart
all over me,
and then you left me here
for nothing....

you said I should not cry
you said you never lied
I know you did
so then our hope just died

Then you called me late at nigth
sayin that you cared
So sad you couldn't say it sober
It was this poison,
that I feard

You try so hard to find me
but, love, I'm just not here
look deep into my eyes
see, there is nothing there

I'll jump off the edge,
just to feel again
cuz all the things we had
was nothing but pritend

Nevertheless such sorrow,
The distrucksion that you made.
I wont turn to the knife
Cuz that's the easy way

I'll pick up the pices
-of love I once knew
I know I will find my way again
this time, without you

Poetry by ChiLLie
Read 816 times
Written on 2006-04-20 at 21:09

Tags Obsession  Love 

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