Just a short note on what I've been thinking today.

Is perfect enough?

Is perfect enough? When everything happens as it should, and nothing can go wrong. When you get what you want without a cry or need to shed a tear. Is perfect enough? When you find someone, with no imperfections to spend your life with. Is perfect enough? When there seems to be no obstacles on the road and no arguments in store.
No. Perfect isn't enough. You need something to go wrong to appreciate good when it happens. You need to shed a few tears to be strong at heart. You need someone with imperfections; such as your own, to realize the necessity of compromising and love void of prejudice. Perfect is never enough.

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Written on 2014-06-26 at 15:01

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Bravo! Well said. Is there anyone who is perfect anyway? Often it's the imperfections of a person that we love the most. Perfection seems to dull over time. I like this poem. :-)