I wrote this while thinking of the love of my life and what he's currently dealing with. And even though this is especially for him, every single person is amazing and deserves to know it! So please personalize this for a friend or a loved one. Remind so

My Sweetie

Voices speak.
You listen and accept the good and bad as truth.
... But you cannot have it both ways...
A choice has to be made and it has... You have chosen to believe the absolute worst lies and reject the beautiful truth about you.
You say "I am awful"

God thinks "I made you, fearfully and wonderfully! I adore you and love you more then you can ever fathom! You, My child are truly amazing!"
... Let that sink into you and wash over your wounds.
God, obviously, is greater than I.
But all the same, if you would indulge me and read what I have written especially for you, this is what I think of you, my love.

When I see you, the air in my lungs freeze.
My heart stops and I can no longer breathe.
When I first heard what you had to say, you spoke with wisdom, love and consideration.
No one has ever caught my attention as fast as you.

Because you spoke with such great love and authority, for the first time in a long while, I was silent and I listened.
When you looked into my eyes for the first time, I stood still, time itself seemed to stand still.
In all my years, all the people I have faced, the good and the bad, the loss and the gain, the joy and the pain... In all of this, no one has ever once caught me by surprise, no one has ever seen through my walls.
No one I have ever met could see right through the walls I spent years building and putting up, but you could and you did.

You are the only person to ever make me cry tears of joy!
My love, you are a blessing and a joy long awaited!
So many countless nights I spent crying, praying begging for a friend and then the best thing that has ever happened to me (aside from my salvation, of course) happened... I met you.
Sweetie, you have blessed more then you can count and you will not know that you blessed much of anyone until you get to Heaven.

So don't you dare ever think you have never done anything of worth.
Just by breathing and being, you bless me.
Just knowing that someone of my own kind is living and has befriended me and loves me, that is more then enough.
Even as I write this my eyes fill to the brim with tears because I don't want you to hate yourself.

I think constantly "If you can only see how absolutely amazing you are..."
You are kind by looking for those who are outcasts and you sit and become friends with them.
You are merciful because you forgive those who have hurt you and you are gracious because after you forgive a person you still love them.
You are compassionate because you consider where the other person is coming from and you try to help.

Your smile is like the cheesiest of Taylor Swift songs, it lights up a whole town, if not the entire world.
You encourage those around you by speaking truth, loving them and praying for them.
You are honest and that is not only cool, but rare.
You are far from perfect and I know that the above contradicts that, but that is only because you are my kind of perfectly imperfect.

So, please understand that I love you
And also understand that my love isn't enough because I am only human, but God's love is always enough, so know that He loves you more than I ever can and that nothing can separate you from His love or make Him love you less.
You once said "if I lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?"
I now will ask, if I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget this tragic and corrupt world, even if it is just for a little while?

Because, honestly, running with you sounds better than any other idea I have ever had. So would you keep running alongside me straight to God? God will touch lives through us and it will be amazing!
I know, I know. This sounds like a love letter and it might as well be, because I do love you and it is a bunch of words on a page.
But seriously, YOU ARE AMAZING! And PLEASE! Don't you ever, not even for a second, forget it!

Words by Sarah Parnes
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Written on 2014-07-30 at 03:19

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