True beauty is not bought, it is born

B eauty is vain
E verything it influences turns to ash
A nd that is tragic and sad
U sed in media to tell young people who they are and how they should look
T hose producers of such advertisements are walking slime
Y et we try to find ways to be "more beautiful" and long for other's approval

S ource: the love of money
U sing such terrible lies to sell a product that is falsely advertised
C rushing the spirit of little girls and fueling the ego of the vixen that is society
H ushing girls into silence and self-hatred

A s much as I wish all this were untrue
S o many live their lives based on a person's way to make money

T he sad thing is that, it is only that. A way to collect more capital
H uge companies were meant to help people and their communities
E ven though what they have morphed into only damages the hearts and minds of the society they once longed to help

F ighting in this world of people trying to sell you their opinions while
L osing what made us all "us" to start with
E veryone was made beautifully unique and yet we are told things by those who
S old their souls that we are the ones in the wrong needing to change
H iding behind corporate suites and buildings but mainly their threatened pride

D oing those into a pit which one cannot easily escape
O ne of self pity, self-loathing and a wanting of something they are not
E ven though we are all made fearfully and wonderfully, it is the world of product that tries to
S ell us the idea that we are made imperfect and need to them to make us perfect for once and for all.

N ot one person who buys into this industry
O f ridiculous money loving and heartless people make it out confident like
T hey have promised so many countless times

L ooking for something we thought we did not have
A s we destroy what we
S o desperately searched for
T he thing is, we are what we are looking for, regardless of who is trying to sell us different.

Poetry by Sarah Parnes
Read 792 times
Written on 2014-07-31 at 01:38

Tags Beauty  Industries  Perfection 

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Nabeela Altaf
Brilliant just brilliant. Your method and style of conveying something so simple is truly a wonderful thing to watch.
P.S: Is that 'Source' in the second stanza?
All in all, remarkable! And the overall message: 'Beauty such as the flesh does not last' is deeper than what we can all fathom.
Keep up the good work!