Oh! How I wish and how I know!

Oh! How many a night I lull myself to sleep with the thought of you.
The thought of the only man I have ever truly loved.
The only man I truly respect.
The only man on this planet who knows exactly how I think.

Oh, how you have walked among the halls of the deepest passageways of my mind palace.
You see the pillars that uphold my way of thinking and question them.
Shaking my foundation at it's very core.
You are one who questions the basic-ness of all realities

Oh, how you put those false realities to shame.
And yet it is a shame when the black hole that is one of those false realities pulls you in...
You are always so sure and so convinced about everything.
You always promise you have thought it through thoroughly each and every countless time.

Oh, how I wish you would just see that some things just are.
Like the fact that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.
Like the fact that you are priceless and worth so much more then anyone could ever tell you.
And just know without a doubt in your ever racing mind, that you are loved and cherished above all else.

Oh! How I wish you would know!
I wish that you would accept the truth!
I wish that you would just shut up and listen to how amazing God says you are!
I wish that you would just never forget that I love you and that no matter what may pry and try to make it not so, that you will always have a friend in me
And I know, one day when all is said and done, you will see just how pure awesome you are.
And for that, I am most thankful!

Words by Sarah Parnes
Read 929 times
Written on 2014-08-05 at 06:09

Tags Amazing  Friend  Know 

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Nabeela Altaf
A bit sad but nevertheless a joy to read!