Usually my pieces are dark. I can understand if reading my work is unpleasant . All I have to say in my defense is that my writing are my emotions and deepest thoughts being expressed. This piece is about my battle with forgiveness, or at least a look


I am bitter more then I ever thought it to be possible
When she enters the room or the idea of her appears in my mind, I am filled with a fiery rage that is not easily extinguished
Yes, I know what she has done, needless to say it sickens me
How her corruption corrupted the pure
She laughs at other's troubles and takes joy in their suffering

She smirks when all goes to her evil way
All she does is suck people into the black hole of which she abides
She is lonely, but she is not alone
Even though what she has done and what she is doing is disgusting, God loves her still

He loves the girl that He sowed in her mother's womb, not the one who kills, steals and destroys
... God in His grace, loves the one who hurt and continues to damage the one I love
To me she is unlovable and the most despicable being that has ever crossed my path and many a paths I have crossed
She continues to anger me as she knowingly and purposefully leads my love to destruction

In her wake; nothingness
She takes all she pleases and steals from the generous and pure of heart
Her level of corruption and how easily she deceives was unthinkable until her horned head arose
She carries with her a trident to puncture the innocent and a tail she wears to instill her poison into any unfortunate, day dreaming soul behind her

That is how I see this girl
I think it impossible for her to be "lost" unless deception was her destination
I am blind to the good in this girl because of how livid her past and present acts have made me
All that I can believe is that she knows not of what she does, for if she did, she would beg for forgiveness and weep at how horrid she has become

Forgiveness for me is a constant battle
When someone hurts a someone I love, that, in short, does not go over well with me
When there is suffering in the eyes of the ones I love, my reflex is "Whoever has done this will surely have Hell to pay and I will make sure of that"
The voice that beckons me back to reason says "Forgive as you wish to be forgiven"

If I had ever wandered so far, that I would hurt so many people and I had finally come to my senses, I would beg on my knees, weeping in self hatred and knowing only by the grace of God could I ever be forgiven.
Love is what fuels God's grace.
God loves me and it is in His love I am made perfect
I know that He resides in me and it is only because of Him that I do not do unspeakable horrors to this girl who has caused so much grief.

I can only hope, pray and have faith that one day she will turn around and see all that she has done and ask for forgiveness so that she can start a new, but this time with love as her intent and God as her guide.
I so desperately hope that, that day comes soon for her.
If not for her sake, then for his.
May I be able to forgive her as Christ has forgiven me... not just for my sake, his sake or for His, but for hers as well.

Words by Sarah Parnes
Read 1095 times
Written on 2014-08-06 at 06:11

Tags Hatred  Forgiveness  God 

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Nabeela Altaf
The title of this poem plays marvellous images in my mind. All there was left was hope.

Nabeela Altaf
Forgiveness is divine. You are truly a brave person to forgive someone and I know it's really very hard to give mercy to someone you don't want to.