I have had many hard times and the glory goes to God for saving, protecting and loving me through it all.

Blessed beyond all I could ever dream

Many a long night have I worried about circumstances beyond my control.
Something has changed within me.
As I come to spend more time with You and read Your book You breathed into life, everything is made new.
There is beauty in Your peace that you bestow upon me in my dark and troubled ages.

You are my Father.
You are my King
You are my best friend.
Lord, You are my everything.

You have housed me when I knew not where I would stay.
You clothed me when I was growing and when my mother was poor.
You fed me when I was hungry.
You sent countless people to bless us.

Oh, Lord! You are truly gracious!
You are truly loving!
You protect Your people.
You take a young person like me who has no family and gifts me a family made of the Body of Christ.

Many a night had I spent crying, just trying to keep up a strong face.
You quieted my soul and lulled me to sleep each and every night with promises of a time to come when all tears will be wiped away.
Since those days I spent weeping by myself, you have blessed me with shoulders to cry on and peers to fellowship with.
All my prayers, tear drenched and whole-heartedly beckoned, you have answered beyond all I could ever imagine in all life times.

Your love surpasses all I know.
Your grace is fueled by Your love for me, Your people.
If you had not come to rescue me, my soul would have fallen silent in death, but when I said "My feet are slipping!" Your mercy, oh Lord, continued to hold me up.
When I worried about many things, Your assuring words soothed my soul.

You are my everything!
No exaggeration, You my Lord had provided when all seemed to be lost.
You are my hope and my life blood, if You were not in me and do not flow through my veins, I would surely have died long ago.
It is my duty and my honor to serve You!

I know no amount of "thank you"s will ever truly suffice or express my true gratitude, but I will praise Your great name!
Hosanna in the highest!
You are the King of kings!
My thanks is beyond human language, even so, truly my Lord, my Savior, thank you for all that you do!

Words by Sarah Parnes
Read 997 times
Written on 2014-08-14 at 05:06

Tags Gratitude  God  Love 

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