I thought I knew, but now I know

I will say this; I am still in love with you.
... but it is like you said, how I view you is distorted.
I thought so highly of you...
You were my world, my home and my favorite smile

... I only know I can not go on living as if your choices do not affect me, because they do.
I love you and am in love with you and watching you go back and forth from sick to healthy and all those strange places inbetween...
It is torture to me.
I can not bare to see you suffer or buy into lies knowing that they are lies.

You choose to believe what you believe, yet WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO LEAN ON OUR ON UNDERSTANDING!
But all you do is stand on what you think to be true...
You have fallen for velvet lie after exaggerated fib.
What happened to the wonderful man who was all out for God and being selfless and loathed selfishness?

All that you do now is think of yourself.
You live in a world of population; you.
The man I knew would never trade loving people for his own comfort.
You simply, my love, are no longer the man I fell in love with...
All the same, I can not help but love you still.

I think I know why...
... I know why I love you still...
I love you still because that man is still within your fallen walls.
That man is living, breathing and waiting for rescue.
Rescue is on the way, my love, but I am no ambulance.

Nor am I a doctor, nurse nor firemen.
I am yet a bystander who has called upon Him who helps and heals.
He can do what I simply cannot.
He can heal your broken heart, set your path straight and change your stubborn mind.

I know that you, at your core are a selfless, loving and compassionate soul.
I know that you are amazing and that you are told many times over that you are not.
... I would gladly slay such fools in a blink of an eye, for they are blind by hatred if they cannot see your beauty.
Again, if you could only see with my eyes and know what I know, you would smile and see just how amazing you are...

You are special.
You are kind.
You are a joy.
Above all else, you are loved.

I just do not understand how one cannot grasp such a simple concept.
Or why one would choose to not believe it if one could fathom it.
Please forgive how straightforward I have been, for I have been so tired.
Just know that you are loved, no matter who you choose to be.

Words by Sarah Parnes
Read 989 times
Written on 2014-08-31 at 02:05

Tags Love  Friend  Sweetie 

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