The way we are

So then, my love, it is just me and you on the last page.
My heart breaks, my darling, I can't bear to stand the thought of going on in life without you...
Although now it is something that is a possible reality.
But all I really want, all I truly want is for us to be whole.

Not for us to be "us," but for you to be the marvelously crafted you that God created and for me to be the same.
I do not desire games or play that is fowl and perverse in nature.
What I desire is for you to know that you are who you are and where you are for a divine and miraculous reason yet to bring itself to light.
Patience, it's a virtue I struggle with, mainly because I hate going through Hell and want to experience Heaven...

Words by Sarah Parnes
Read 983 times
Written on 2014-10-11 at 00:07

Tags Friend  God  Love 

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