My descent from cloud nine

My dearly beloved, he hath strayed so far...
I know not when he will return, but return he will.
I have been promised so by my gracious Father.
... Still, it is hard for I am not as skilled in long-suffering as need be.

When I told unto my beloved, him I no longer could I see...
A "Goodbye" not even whispered nor breathed.
What Hell did I ever cause thee to deserve a goodbye not breathed!
Thou turned tables, saying the problem was me...
If thou had a goal of hope for such un-true lies to linger in me and for them to eat at me, making living impossible, thou hath failed miserably.

Thou struck at me with a blade crafted of fowl words...
This blade, like a needle, felt barely a pinch...
Just as needles inject, thou hath tried to fill me poisonous thoughts, this for thou I denied.
My beloved, I can only go on hoping in the knowing that you know not of what you do...

I am burdened with sorrow that thou hath wandered thus far that thou knows no longer of what thou is doing.
... My love, doth thou not know my heart only breaks for thee...?
My breaking of heart is unique unto my beloved Sweetie.
... Yet my beloved treats me as if my sickness is widespread...

How can I tell my beloved that it is not so when all contact my mother demands to my beloved no more?
Forbid it she has for my health hath suffered from my beloved trying to drag me into to this realm of vile lies.
This world, my beloved knows I despise and all this coward of a man does is justify from lie to falsified lie.
Can it be that this man is no longer my beloved, yet an evil etintity?

Poetry by Sarah Parnes
Read 654 times
Written on 2014-09-07 at 16:48

Tags Promises  Beloved  Returns 

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