Words of wisdom flowing again
Drops of knowledge glowing brain
Wave after wave of torrential rain
They hit hard gleaming back
Glistening my heart a precious sublime
Words are'nt a note this time
Switching swapping into a rhyme..

They tell a riddle never told before
Of a dark room and empty floor
Rich feelings tied to the ceilings
Light shone through an open door
On a book of gold,the author's grandeur
Precious gems and endless shore
The spirits and sufis dwell within
And lord is found on searching more

A thousand clerics I went to,
A million books I read
In search of truth known to few
Until I sketched the room in my head
A vague parity struck me,a deja vu!
I've seen this room of gems,I said
My mind reached its bounds, my brain gave up;
So I went to the heart to feel instead
Behold! the answer to the riddle came up
The puzzle my soul could only sort
The extract of life to finding God
Lied in the very room of my heart..

Doors opened ,the truth unfold
Of god's splendour and magnificence
I took a few steps firm and bold
Accepting my ignorance and realities cold
Setting my soul free of puritan mind
In rhymes of sufis centuries old
In eyes of soul that never go blind
In verses of quran ,the book of gold

But words never left me there
The journey to eternity started here
Your heart is where the doorways open
The doorways to heaven concealed in layers
This riddle,they said, was not a conclusion
For darkness in heart is a mere illusion
In illusion to feel the light within
Setting apart the darkness filling in
The darkness felt for every sin
Reminds us of the light through thick and thin

So much this heart and soul know
Of God and men,love and rage
Wisdom flying free of earthly cage
Casually inked on the page
Spread out in rhymes and notes
Are lessons learnt come of age...

Poetry by Amim Akhter
Read 736 times
Written on 2014-09-06 at 21:31

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