Poetry is all about letting the negatives out,in the most smooth and beautiful way possible

So I Let It Fall Apart!

Tell them I tried hard
Remolding what was ripped apart
Victim to a vicious cycle
Of hopeless patches stitched together
But for every hope ,vanished another
So I let it fall apart
I let it all fall apart...

Every desperate expectation
dwelling in helpless atoms of my soul
Melted away in the heat
Every ounce of pain
I failed to contain
Started flowing away
Its hard to explain
Agony was the first to depart
So I let it fall apart
I let it all fall apart...

I lost time fighting the winds
Until my own being split within
Into bits of shattered dreams
Random bouts of rusted memories
Memories supposedly buried deep inside
Were floating away with every tide
Until I bowed to this reality of life
That fate is indeed a work of art
So I let it fall apart
I Iet it all fall apart...

My brain finally gave up
Setting my soul into wilderness free
Leaving my body best to the vultures plea
Ah! What to say of the old rapt heart
Beating its last to the illusions of love
Now I became a nothing
A nothing to my own self
A hollow that still echoes sometimes
Bitter sweet delusions of well being
Of unheard laughters and music divine
Far far away into an ocean of the past
An untiring soul had breathed its last
Succumbed to the very fact that
I let it all fall apart!

Poetry by Amim Akhter
Read 1385 times
Written on 2014-09-07 at 17:58

Tags Life  Transition  Love 

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To create something beautiful we all have to once in a while let it all fall apart only to begin fresh.
Beautiful write!

Sometimes it's better to let it all fall apart. Then you can put it back together more perfectly.

Enjoyed your poem.

I really like this:)
Strong, stirring writing...in fact very well written:)