Everyone at times gets depressed, But, it is not expressed, Some are attacked by it deliberately, They deserve treatment elaborately.

Possession of Depression

In my mind there is an anxiety
A strange fears grips my heart
I am not able to get equanimity
Peace in my life is damn short

My mind is occupied by great fear
It has a constant unhappiness
I am not able to bring true cheer
As a result, I enjoy no calmness

As I have suffered severe losses
Worry and doubt constantly come
Deep depression, my soul faces
A mental patient, I have become

One day she left me very cruelly
From that day onward, I struggle
I am not able to get out truly
As my whole peace, she did burgle

Now I am dead in all the ways
As my personality is crippled
I am spending sorrowful days
By fate and her, I am toppled.


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 913 times
Written on 2014-09-24 at 17:09

Tags Depression  Dejection  Emotion 

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My thanks to Ashe.

You have give the perfect description of a full depression, to which there is the added sadness of the loss of a loved one. Expressing your feelings is a good start, and the rest will heal with time ... and more time.