so i wait

from hurt and pain i shall rise
my mind's own determination and my heart's will collide
so hence my heart's death wil coincide
with the awakening of a heartless mind almost wrapped in plastic
i try to bounce back but my soul isnt elastic
it has remained with the person i gave it to
so i say bye bye and hope some time it would follow suit
but in the meantime my mind is strong and determined
to be as normal and cold as ever
this one is certain
because my life is a stage and i just want to draw the curtain
to shut out the audience and keep us within
you are an actor...along with the few around me
my consceince is my director... and his vision i see
but there are times when i have to improvise
and live life without my live in compromise
that is to live without a soul but to live on a promise
that love found is never lost and love lost is never forgotten
but my mind controls the paradox of this situation
where my soul is somewhere lost in the heart of another
that other which compacts my soul with so much pain
all to make room for another
another soul for me to battle with
another soul which i am invisible to
but no matter who you are you will be my enemy
and my soul will be set free
so you better watch how you stay in my place of captivity

Poetry by Steven Mawer
Read 453 times
Written on 2006-04-25 at 00:34

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