Many noble souls live, Peace of mind, they give, They even kindly forgive, In our peace, they believe, Safety for us, they weave, Our side, they will never leave, Our worries, they will thieve, Our happiness, they retrieve, They are there, don't grieve.

Let Gratitude be ever Renewed

Never forget a true soul
That played a major role
For getting peace of mind
As God in him, I ever find

When a help is done
To remove a burden
Always try to be grateful
By being very thankful

If a loss is wisely averted
As a friend has just alerted
Always recollect that act
As he has apprised a fact

At the time of badly falling
He who helps without calling
Must be forever remembered
As he has in time answered

When days are damn dark
As troubles attack like a shark
Those who with us ever remain
Must be made by us very fine

When agonies surround to hit
He who helps us through his wit
Must be regarded as Angelic
As he has taught us a trick

When a person leaves not us
But, stays to with love bless
Never cut his company dear
Such souls must be very near

O- God- Noble souls that love
Are like you, and so I bow
They only stabilize this World
They make inferior pure gold.


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 944 times
Written on 2014-11-26 at 09:01

Tags Love  Mercy  Kindness 

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