its time
time to take a look at where we stand and decide
if we jump if it would lead to our happiness or demise
you grew angel's wings and took full flight
but to stay standing on this land here would take a fight
im always here baby...on this here sand
that god created here for you to land
beside me now in my arms you would be
then, now, forever, eternally
i await that time that i would get your call
to tell me that your love wasnt lost at all
to tell me that this now is just a game
and all ive been for the past few months is played
because then i would rest..back to when there was happiness
and forget now, where i only feel lonliness
your light unparalelled by anthing that exists
all others that surround me are artificial wisps
fluttering in the darkness which is my heart
tearing the structures of my mind apart
because all i search for is that one true light
which was held by my angel who took full flight
so fly my angel but shine your light on me
so i can feel your love and warmth upon me
because im still in love...any fool can see
that this soul belongs tou you...along with the rest of me
so come claim your one solid piece of property
that i assure you would remain of the same quality
like precious gold that would never tarnish with age
i would stay shining..only reflecting your light
your beauty...your voice your heart just might
realise that we are the greatest when we are not alike
so lets bring together our differences and make our lives complete
this contant proposition is what i have at your feet
this constant summons to the court of eternal justice
because the cosmos has been misconstrewed by these false prophets
who decieve and trick your mind into disregarding your heart
and end up in this shift which tears both of us apart
lets set off and you can show me how to fly
all i need is your guiding light
discover my love again baby and we just might

Poetry by Steven Mawer
Read 563 times
Written on 2006-04-25 at 00:35

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care bear really is.such a lucky gal.cud i be ur angel?....(kiddin)honestly,i luvd the poem.real nice. 10star if thez such a thing