Time that we get, To good use, must be put, As later, we may regret, When defeats are met, If we are cautious, I bet that we create an asset.

Wasting Time is a Crime

Use the time available wisely
Attend to all the matters nicely
By that shrewd act, you achieve
Surely, you won't at all grieve

As your attention is distributed
Your peace of mind is not looted
Work as per the real importance
By using your common sense

Don't tremble or foolishly fumble
All your ideas, you finely assemble
One by one, make the execution
This will lead to your sure elation

It is better to supervise cautiously
Never waste your time atrociously
A single minute mustn't wasted
Every second must be tasted

By doing to every work time-allocation
You can determine victory's location
Only your expertise is here a must
Gather skill eagerly, not just dust.


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 976 times
Written on 2014-12-25 at 07:42

Tags Time  Duty  Life 

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Well said. I'm a habitual time-waster, but do have my regrets, sometimes.