A new Age

Lest my memory fades
Lest I forget the day.
Forever I will cry
And wish that I could die.

Until tomorrow;
The end of this day,
I will find myself a barrow
And hide myself away

I find comfort in the masses.
The feeling of being drowned out.
Rather than the pain of broken glass
Laying all about.

I can easily hide
And find myself a way out
Although what I've come to know
Easily supplies me doubts

Time and time over
The ones I love turn to sin.
Even my lover...
He too caved in

Now, even I struggle
I fight the good fight
But I cannot help but crumble.
Restlessly; I toss and turn at night

I feel myself fall apart.
I am sinking, falling.
I dared to set myself apart
And now I rock myself to sleep lulling.


That is what I feel is what defines me.
I grow weaker with each coming day.
I can only hope it will not be.
I wonder off in hopes of running away

I will not go.
I will not cave.
I will follow Christ
until the end of my days!

Poetry by Sarah Parnes
Read 825 times
Written on 2015-01-17 at 03:40

Tags Hope  Suicide  Hide 

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