Hard-work alone brings result, This is by me strongly felt, To tie success in our belt, Defeat, via toil, we must insult.

Strong Effort will Comfort

Anything is possible
If approach is sensible
If efforts we double
We can end trouble

We must ever try
As under the Sky
If we lazily lie
We only cry

Go in full swing
To do a noble thing
Victory, time will bring
If one is truly working

A lazy man only loses
As he never muses
If hard-work one chooses
Its love, success releases

Hard-work and toil win
If efforts are very thin
Victory comes not in
It avoids our cabin

Boldly take a step
Use not only lip
Success, you sip
Via an attempt-trip

Start with a stout heart
Try by being very smart
Practice firmly an art
Boldly play a part.


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 846 times
Written on 2015-02-20 at 16:40

Tags Sweats  Perspiration  Efforts 

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Dear Ashe,

Amazed by your comment
My kind thanks are sent
My mood, you could uplift
Now, sorrow has fully left.


I like the message and the economy of words. Very nicely rhymed poem. Enjoyed it.