Can't help it friends, but, that is how I am:

All or None

First, you burst into my life
With a smile,
Creep slowly into my heart,
Dispel the darkness,
Like sunshine light up my soul
Ere lying cold.
Fill my days with a tender glow,
Passionate nights.
Turn my sorrows to pure gold,
Happiness untold.
Enrich me with a feeling pure
Fill my soul.
Then you say, slow down, my love,
Don't love me anymore.
But, tell me how to stop?
Teach me some restraint.
I know no other way to love,
It's either all, or none!

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
CopyrightŠ: Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 972 times
Written on 2006-04-27 at 15:20

Tags Love 

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First of all : I love your poem!! Its passionate and so well written Secondly , (and I hate to say this beeing a passionate soul all my life) I think we women so often love much too much and have to pay a high price for that ...Wishing you joy and peace-Pia

How to love in a proper way?
..."Then you say, slow down, my love,
Don't love me anymore."...

Well, who said it was going to be easy?
Love is the Lesson here, and it is a hard one. An amazing maze with an awesome gift at its heart... :))

Anyway; A very beautiful poem!

(Never be afraid to love "too much", even if the other person is!)

Malin Johansson
Love love love love... is beautiful...
and we can not stop it... it's there, and its always gonna be there... beautiful poem Zoya, as always...

a very personal write...very soulful...beautiful work

Leaning on human beings, whether they are lovers, friends, families and the likes, most of the time they are like broken reeds, often, unwilling to help or be there for you when able, and willing when unable. It is in times like these we should take advantage of the great gifts of solitude and silence. Quite often solitude is better than society and silence is wiser than speech. For it is in our time of solitude and silence, we really find ourselves and truly find God, our secured overflowing brook of consolation. Passionate write, your poetry!

This is true my friend!

All or none and it's perfectly catched here!

Can't control emotions. It's like controlling an untamed heart.


Oh! I feel this poem. i recently wrote one about loving with reserve!!! Doesn't make sense!!!

John Ashleigh
Fantastic poem, well done, and haven't heard from you in a long time!

Another good write. xx

Simply beautiful. And scary true.
Another good poem from you Zoya :)

Never ever change your ways, beautiful one!
(I am also all or none, but slowing down is sometimes impossible.. Why cant the other part just speed up?) This text is so honest and true. I think so many can see themselves in it :)
a BigBig hug ¤Lourdes

Zoya my dear. Once again you hae bestowed such a great poem on me! Wonderful writing.


Jon Hanover
I commend you for being what I could never be. I can accept all and I can accept none. I have had to personally accept none, more often this has made me more bitter, sarcastic, cynical, and angry. I do have my moments when I can rise above that, but not as often as I wish. I love the strength in which you can soar with optimism, ambition, and hope when there are times that I feel I am being dragged down. It helps me considerably thank you.

Yes, our wonderful Zoya, that is how you are! How could we say to the water source to stop glittering??

Kathy Lockhart
Oh Zoya, I love this piece. It is so personal. I have traveled in those shoes and I know the journey is a hard one. Bless you sweet friend. : ) kathy