Coffee is to me injurious, But, to drink it I am curious, Its inviting aroma is spurious, But, I felt it made me hilarious, Now, I vomit and feel unfit after making to doctor a visit, I on my chair sadly sit, As my health suffers bit by bit, My addiction

Bad Habit Tortures Bit by Bit

Soon enjoy the beauty of a flower
Soon tell your love to your lover
Please declare your being a believer
Love all and give not via hatred fever

To discuss healthily take a stand
Be hopeful and positive to understand
Viewing as God, kindly love your land
Come what may, use will to withstand

Any bad habit, firmly give a rejection
Instead of facing in life sure dejection
When bad habit entices for infection
Pray to God to give you full protection

Many become to badness addicted
Their definite doom can be predicted
Any good advice is by them contradicted
Ultimately by gloom, they get indicted

Any addiction will stop peace and progress
Its attack on our welfare will be vigorous
It will pounce upon us to kill like a tigress
We must avoid them as they are dangerous

Very tough to take a firm decision
But, if we must win in our mission
To badness, let us give no permission
By using excellently our forvision

Badness will be tasty initially always
A kind of real joy, we may in it trace
But, real tragedy, we are bound to face
And suffer in life the worst disgrace

We may lose our peace and bliss
Often agonies will come to kiss
Health and joy, we will miss
Badness has venom, I promise

Let bad habits be promptly stopped
Let them be in advance just dropped
Any bad life invariably only flopped
A good life at all times finely topped

Pick up a good habit at each point of time
Then eternal mirth, one can easily claim
One can successfully finish one's aim
One can peacefully spend one's time.


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 866 times
Written on 2015-04-27 at 18:26

Tags Habit  Good  Bad 

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Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
Some bad habits are quite pleasurable, though I suspect as you do they eventually end in disaster. Thanks for sharing this.