Loss is common to all women and men, We must never feel a bad omen, Always we must pray to get God's grace in every way, God-faith when is had, We will feel never at all sad, Pray and win the day, To God, your dismay, you convey.

Carry Life with Merry, not Worry

You are capable
Have at all no doubt
Winning is possible
Enter into the bout

You might have now lost
And had a misfortune
Forget the sad left past
March for present's tune

Hate not anybody
Simply accept fate
To act, be ever ready
Before it is too late

Work hard and truly try
To reach the highest point
Don't lazily lie and then cry
God won't at all disappoint

Living will be boring
If you are selfish
Peace will be soaring
If you ever well-wish

Think always nobly
And pray ever to God
Aim never at all feebly
Work always hard

Mind can be strengthened
Through a simple self-talk
Peace can be lengthened
If on path of truth, you walk

God is always there
To give you sure refuge
He will consider and care
If your belief is truly huge

In duty, if you are engaged
It is tantamount to prayer
Whether old or young aged
Be in God a firm believer

With the principle "love-all"
Live in this wonderful Earth
When end gives a final call
Accept it with joyful mirth.


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 832 times
Written on 2015-06-02 at 14:58

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