Modern Drama 101

"In Modern Drama we turn a critical eye
into the conditions of real life and morality." --- Arlen Rambush

Modern Drama 101

Her life had become an Ibsen scenario,
cloaked, as it was, in furtive AOL chat rooms,
seeking the romance no longer orbed in marriage,
rather to be panned from the internet wellspring.

It wasn't so much inconstancy, as it was whimsy;
more a channeling of Deneuve, than profiling Gabler.
And she found they flocked to her,
pigeons to be shooed away, should they get too close.

Soul of the house, everything to husband and family,
yet, it was in cyber tryst where she flourished,
that informed the powerful intellect at intervals
with mother and a carte blanche ingénue.

It's possible she sought to reform them,
tear them down --- or no --- it was conquest.
It was not she that needed men,
it was she that absorbed them in hedonistic pleasure.

Poetry by Brian Oarr
Read 829 times
Written on 2015-07-28 at 03:47

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Brian Oarr
Cf, ya don't think? ... nah, couldn't be! :-)

You describe perfectly a relationship I had years ago. She virtually begged to be seduced but what she really wanted was to be the seducer, to dangle the possibility of a sad sort of intimacy and then withdraw it, all from the safe remove of internet anonymity. Nicely and truly done Brian.