I feel guilty when all face a difficulty, is my scheme faulty as I show not generosity, my incumbent duty is to bestow upon all including humanity a true love that will elevate us all to the Divinity ruled by the Almighty.

I Love to Live by being only Positive

Keep your mind broad
Ever pray to the Lord

If worry is by you had
Let it not make you mad

If you trust a thing too much
I don't think joy you can fetch

If you ignore a noble thin
You deny to yourself spring

If you want peace of mind
In your heart, you can find

For your joy to well spread
Load hope in your head

Be to all a true friend
Be like that till the end

Make your reach wide
Be at truth's side

Our stay is here brief
So, end everyone's grief

When you kindly touch
Many hearts you stitch

A healing word delivered
Makes a soul a free bird

Try to gather peace for all
By being a very good pal

Ignore none under the Sun
Everyone must have fun

With your limited riches
Stitch all the thatches

Hope and in life well-live
Love to all you freely give

Guide all to the maximum
By showing mercy like a mum

Flood the World with peace
By flowing like a cool breeze

No soul must in sorrow bleed
A happy life, all must lead

Whatever you can do, do
And bring the best rescue

Kindly use your brain and heart
Let be of great use your fine art

Only when you spread your love
You can feel the God-above

My dear, please make all happy
That alone is the best therapy

Good luck my dear, now start
Act soon as time is damn short

Let us unite this Universe
By love and noble verse

We possess the power to act
Let us create a lovely pact

May God guide our noble path
Let join this force old and youth

O- Human beings- come to join
Love and peace, let us all coin

All are welcome to join this force
We are led only by God of course.


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 725 times
Written on 2015-10-14 at 13:13

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