The Ocean

Sunrise on the ocean
The start of a new day.
Brings a new beginning
New adventures on the way.
The freshness of the morning
As the world awakes.
God reveals his magic
As each new day breaks.

Life beside the ocean
Is living at it's best.
The sea with all it's bounty
Is more giving than the rest.
The sweet, salty breezes
Breathe life into my heart.
Thank God I'm by the ocean,
I don't ever want to part.

Sunset on the ocean
Is such a sight to see.
It brings a sense of calmness
That seems to comfort me.
The beauty in reflection
Melts my calloused soul.
Sunset on the ocean
Is a sight to behold.

Come with me to the ocean.
Come, take my hand.
Walk beside me darling
Barefoot in the sand.
Let's dance in the moonlight
Down here by the sea.
Forever by the ocean
My darling, you and me.

Poetry by JustBob
Read 485 times
Written on 2016-01-31 at 03:48

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