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36 years old from Sweden

The latest comments that Almaz has written.

The Ocean of Life

Lovely..YOU are lovely... bringing life to these beautiful, polygonal waves and shores, just before us... widely fuilled, with wisdome and a depth of love to life.. Yes we have to dive deep into our hearts, deep into this very ocean... and we will...
"...find those pearls of wisdom,
Rubies of passion,
Sapphires of desire..."
Such expressive, vivid, touching, healing... living..poetry...
Yes... through words a piece of the soul is shown.. Thank u Zoya!
You are beautiful, from the inside and out!

*Breathing hugs*
Love, Almaz


This is so very beautifully written... I read it out loud.. tasted your thoughts, every word.. And I felt a nice breeze flowing through my spine. You spoke right into my heart... Thank u Zoya!!!

This Path ~4th and Final Revision~

Beautiful.. I really liked this one! Now I'll have to read the others..
Thank u for a nice visit:)/Almaz

Missing Note

Lovely written..moving..and very beautiful! I guess she is smiling from up above right now..being proud of you, and your gift...as being thankfull for these loving words!

This Winter is too Cold...

Beautifully written Zoya!
Wellcome the spring... for it will come...


Zoya, this is absolutely beautiful..You've really painted silence with all its colours.. I can taste the fog, feel the silence, hear the thoughts inside of me..as if they were mine.. as if it was me feeling this..

Its like an artmovie, with very distinct sounds, and these different shapes of water almost touching me..in slowmotion..

Its like you've taken total control over time, through the length of this poem.. mending it as you wished..piercing time with these words..
... spreading this still bubble of silence through all minds who feel it..

Lovely and very inspiring :)) Thank u.

My son

This beauuutiful poem totally gave me goosepimples.. It feels like u've been as gentle, putting these words together, as the care for your son.. really moving!
I hope I will have the chance to write something like this, someday... :)

How old is he now?

Strange White Birds

First you cathed my eye by the headline..
then by the first line..then it just keeps on..

Such images..beautifull and fully alive in my mind. And it's like the pespective changes..
-Being bouth an observer as placed behind the eyes of the birds.

Wonderfully written!

Life and Death

I see why u connected my "breath" to this veracious pearl of yours.

Beautifully composed with its magnific simplicity.

Thank u for the warming wellcome!
And I din't know the meaning of Almaz before... thank u for telling me:) A beautiful choice of name then...


This is like a melancholy song..beautifully flowing through the observation and the action of darkness approaching its victim.

I feel dreadfully powerless, as the narrator, being forced to wittness this course of event, uncapable of preventing the outcome.

I get a feeling that the source of inspiration could be the poems by Sylvia Plath..?...
You are bringing a parted feeling, of trust and despair..sealed by these grate images.

For example, you nestled yourself into my heart through these picked parts...

"You leap to pounce
the fiery sun to
pull down to your lap."

"But alas !
You are unnoticed -
the thunderous roar
you make rises out of
an abyss of silence nestled
in your heart."

Wonderfully written!
And..saved it will be:)

Skin Deep

Ehum..sorry..a little bit too tired to spell right:) *nightnight*

Skin Deep

Me like..you keep an hounest touch of stupid containing of oneself. I do recognize it very well.. Why don't we dare taking a step into the unknowned? And the cliche: "we have nothingto loose!" But actually it's a cliche of truth.

A lovely selfirony is spread out over this white paper. Love the to last two lines.

The Pledge

Lovely written of unlimited love. Without demands. For love is a free source. Yes, she is a lucky lady..