Life is an ocean of endless strive...

The Ocean of Life

Life is an ocean with two big shores:
One is birth the other is death.
One is a joy, the other we dread.
All that's within are the waters of life:

Sometimes calm, sometimes turbulent,
Sometimes in ebb, sometimes in flow
Sometimes it's fast; sometimes it's slow,
Sometimes it's drab, sometimes aglow,

At times we swim with the current,
At times against the flow...
At times we hold on fast to it,
At times we let it go...

Sometimes serene,
Sometimes troubled,
Sometimes it's all energy,
Sometimes, limp it goes...

But, deep within,
if we choose to go
into the Sea of Life,
Dive and delve in the seabed
there is a treasure trove,
There is a whole world within,
Sometimes to precious pearls akin,
If we dive deep within,
Search for them hard and long,
We might find those pearls of wisdom,
Rubies of passion,
Sapphires of desire...

If we persevere
The search and strive
Is well worth the try,
And vice versa too-
The find is well worth the search,
the endeavour, the cravings...

Life is an ocean
Of endless strive...

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyright©: Zoya Zaidi

Photo: 'Sunset at Kovalam Beach' by and ©: Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 782 times
Written on 2007-02-10 at 12:41

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a good piece though i am not sure the repetition works that well here with the second, third and fourth stanzas.

Amanda K
yes as we ,live life confronts us with its changes,challenges, ups and downs. no day resembles the other. this is the fact. a great poem with wisdom beneath.

loving your pen,


Lovely..YOU are lovely... bringing life to these beautiful, polygonal waves and shores, just before us... widely fuilled, with wisdome and a depth of love to life.. Yes we have to dive deep into our hearts, deep into this very ocean... and we will...
"...find those pearls of wisdom,
Rubies of passion,
Sapphires of desire..."
Such expressive, vivid, touching, healing... living..poetry...
Yes... through words a piece of the soul is shown.. Thank u Zoya!
You are beautiful, from the inside and out!

*Breathing hugs*
Love, Almaz

Dan Cederholm

Wonderful reading Zoya . . .

Its a little bit metaphor of Tree of Life!

and now it is Water of life . . . GREAT!


night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
There is a whole world within me
waiting to be discovered

The ocean of life and the absolute void
I breath and inhale the vapors of the ocean

Sometimes in ebb, sometimes in flow

the water whilrs around my body
I float and surrender to the moment
the moment of my arrival to the shore

The shore of death

sometimes serene, sometimes troubled

The ocean of life rises as one big wave
and takes my body once again
I am floating on the water

Sometimes in ebb, sometimes in flow

The shore of birth

sometimes serene, sometimes troubled

Thank you for this poem Zoya!It was inspiring!!!*storm of applause*

Esti D-G The PoetBay support member heart!
lovely Zoya! I wish it was all as succinct as your poem - loved your rubies sizzling with passion and your sapphires of desire.
much luv estixxx
p.s. some bugger stole my lap top when we were burgled two weeks ago. Luckily he didn't like my writing and left it all over the floor!

And that is why Zoya, it is so important to learn and teach our kids to swim! Very nice work indeed. Loved it's uplifting message, no toe dipping or tai, a real diver for sure....gurgle gurgling as I Just jesting, i have arm bands! Smiling at you, Tai

beautiful as ever, my dear friend and sister, i am sooooo glad to find you here again!!!!!
(((((((((((((lots and lots of hugs))))))))))))))))
Lilly xxxx

Zoya Zaidi
Sorry friends, I had a copmputer breakdown, I still have internet availability problem.
(((Hugs to all)))
Love, Zoya