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51 years old from Sweden

The latest comments that Freeman has written.


WOW!!! I loved your daydreamer-poem!!! =D
It feels as if you know me so well...and so many others!

Thanks a lot my friend, I will bookmark this one!

/Henrik from Sweden


Wow, I really liked your poem!!!
You are very gifted with the english language and your words really affects me. Well done!!!

The Dolphins Song

I love both the photo and your poem so much!!!
Wonderful words, just like the dolphin's song, my friend!


Rain of fire - the wind is blowing - Tidal force

Wow, this was really something out of the ordinary!
It blew me away in so many ways, you are an incredible writer and poet!!! --<-<<@

You inspire me, thank you for so many reasons!!!

Can I help it that I hate me?

My heart was touched by your honesty in this poem, and the feelings you must have felt when writing this almost made my heart stop!

You are incredible at rhiming (was that right?), it's a true pleasure even when painful to read your words!!!


You broke my heart by loving me

It's hard to make this poem justice by writing a simple comment...it's just another beautiful, emotional poem that blowed me away, WONDERFUL!!!

Heaven help my heart

Wow...what a powerful and emotional poem!!!! A masterpiece! Thank you!!! <3

Life and Time

Your poems are magic...words that reminds all of us of the higher dimension...reminds us of the other side! I love your poems! <3

Love and Hate

Wonderful...went straight into my heart and filled it with joy, of your loving words!

I really want to know...

=) Thank you...I knew somebody would understand.