I'll let you make your own conclusions and interpretations on this one...

I really want to know...

 I really want to know...

You look,
but you don't see.

You listen,
but you don't hear.

You laugh,
but you don't smile.

You are so smart,
but you know nothing.

You say so much,
but you don't mean it.

You promise all the time,
but you always forget.

You feel,
but you have no feelings.

You are in love,but you know nothing about loving.  You are sad,
but you never cry.

You have everything,
but it's never enough.

You believe in God,
but not in your friend.

You want to live forever,
but you tried to kill yourself.

I really want to know...

Who am I?

Poetry by Freeman
Read 728 times
Written on 2006-12-07 at 07:52

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Someone who really needs to get in touch with her/himself and his/her emotional life...... Think you just described a very confused personality here.....
Well written as always.

I would say, you are a typical individual trying to judge who you should be according to other peoples view. Best not to judge, just be you, whoever the you is. A very thought provoking poem. Thanks for reminding me just how complicated we are. Smiling at you, never crying! in public anyway, Tai

good done

=) Thank you...I knew somebody would understand.

This is a really wonderful poem.
So much confusion.
I love it!
Keep writing ;)