One of my all-time fav's

Heaven help my heart

I cut you slowly
Waiting to see if you bleed
If your blood is red and warm like mine
If you're really human

I slowly drive you crazy
With words and gazes and icy thoughts
Just to see if you can suffer as I have
If your soul as mine can be torn apart

I turn my eyes away from you
To look warmly at another
Just to see if you are a liar
Just to see the sorrow in your eyes

And yet by my side you stay
To comfort me and dry my tears
To ease my pain and make it worse
To mean well, but to kill me trying

Poetry by Eadon
Read 581 times
Written on 2006-12-20 at 18:35

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Wow...what a powerful and emotional poem!!!! A masterpiece! Thank you!!! <3

Rob Graber
Very compact and powerful.

these fresh and raw emotions youve baked on ya poetry is truly a marvel to read.
its an art to deliver commplex by the simple. this work of yours reflect it. gud job:)