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True Words Embellished

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There are Creatures in My Room!

This is... great. Very dark and foreboding. A lot of emotion and creepy mental images.

The only thing that speaks against it is that I can hear Danni Filth screaming in my head when I read it and you don't strike me as the type to listen to Cradle of Filth so I assume that wasn't the point.

It would make a nice death metal song though, even if I don't exactly love that genre of music. ;)


woah! jag är avundsjuk som fan på din fantasi. jag kommer säkert aldrig förstå din poesi, men jag älskar känslan som de framkallar.

There will be spaceships!

Yay! Du la upp dem igen!
Du är så duktig, så duktig.

Fast jag vågar nog inte försöka mig på att lista ut vad dina dikters underliggande meningar är. Riktigt så djup är jag inte. ^^

Men du skriver bra. Du har en närvaro i dina ord som nästan är skräckinjagande.


Pride in sacrifice.

This is wonderful. You are such a talent.
I love Greek mythology but I would've never thought of basing a piece of poetry on something like the battle of Troy. Your creativity and impeccable choice of words is enviable.

Keep up the good work.


Very nice rythm, and not too obvious rhymes.

Just plain wonderful :)

Steel and Spiderweb [love him till he hurts.]

Damn it, I forgot to give you a five.
Well, here you go.

Steel and Spiderweb [love him till he hurts.]

This makes me want to go completely against my nature and squeal "Oh-my-gaaawd!". (For the record; that's one hell of a compliment, coming from me.)

Very well written.

Exhale a fable

I liked the "To breathe in reality and exhale a fable"-part, but the rest just made my head spin. If that's a good thing or not, I don't know.


I'm jealous. I want to write that well. It's not fair! *pouts*

about birthdays...

Damn, this made me realise I totally forgot my best friend's birthday, and that was, like, three days ago... [enter random curse-word here]

You're really funny, but I have to go beg for forgiveness now, and won't be able to stick around and praise you...

Skål ;)

All She Needed

Good enough, but not more. There's something missing, but I just can't put my finger on it...

Accidental Escape

Another angle on self-inflicted pain. Nice, I like it. Although the smell of burnt flesh is suddenly everywhere... *shudders*