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from South Africa

The latest comments that INDRAN REDDY has written.

Ruins of Konarak (poetic erotica carved in stone)

here truly is a place i want to lose myself in...you make it so alive...i can feel i am in the middle of this temple...and i can feel the enchantment...it overwhelms me...my heart soars.....

Daybreaker–Dan, my friend

these words you have written...to read such tender lines...!!! the well of my emotions has been stirred again...and i feel the pain too

Lourdes- the talented the wise

reading this poem is like visiting again an oasis i had wandered away from and lost--good to be reading your lines again after so long -- your sun still shines brilliantly -- trying to raise mine out of the wilderness -- i love the rhyming here

When my last breath is taken

a child of the wind and fire you are...a fiery soul and a free heart...an appealing combination...lovely poem

Children of a Lesser God- Bonded Labourers

a beauteous truth; a heartwrenching sadness;...never really thought about child labour before...thanks for opening my eyes....(there is a certain something within you, with regard to your talent, the best of which, i think this world is yet to see)

Children of a Lesser God- Bonded Labourers

these lines have brought a sadness to me that i cannot quite explain...need more time...

The Crimean Shores

entangled in the dreamy spell of your words i've become...into a shadowy part of my mind your shore has crept, for me to go to when i need some relief from my strife...

The light of love

love this effort...the images make me remember....

Love, or something like it...

it takes courage for a nice person to sometimes not be nice..but it needs to be done when necessary...need more of this kind of writing...inspirational