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Princess Charles

50 years old from

The latest comments that Princess Charles has written.

When the Mist Rises

Very well presented graphically, I love how every verb gets its own line. Also love how you have used "greens" as a verb and "freeze" as a noun. Sweet.


Wow, this made me smile. I especially love your words "everypoem, everyword, everymove". But the whole poem is great, in rhythm and wording and form.

The Haunted Wood

You, sir, are an amazing poet. I adore it when writers in these modern times use the beautiful meters, metaphors, wordings, words, of old. I tip my metaphorical hat and kiss your ring.

Pastel Moons

That's a wow. The first verse moved me a lot.

The magician, the liar II

Oh, all of it. But the last line sums it up, and I must have known it when I wrote this. That's why I murmur about Cassandra up top.

For Elizabeth

Beautiful. And very good work with the rhythm and rhyme.