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The latest comments that Halloway has written.

Twighlight Love by M.A.Meddings an entry for CoolAarons challenge

a short poem but so wonderful.

THE BLANKET (My Fav. Short Story)

The story is written very well, but I'm not sure I get it.
I auctally don't understand the whole Blanket-thing.

Katherine by M.A.Meddings

It's really beautiful

I, Like Penelope sit Weaving

It's Beautiful zoya!

The love's arrows

that's so true
I Really likes it!

Love's Pain

I've been broken hearted. Once.
I know how it feels, and I can't imagine how it feels when it always end up in the same way.
Thanks for sharing
Thanks for showing I'm not the only one

Your Kindness, Your Softness, Your Grace by M.A.Meddings

This poem really touchs my heart
It makes me think about somone I love,
it makes me feel and remember things
You're a great poet that reach out so far
as in someones heart!

Thank you, I really needed this poem

To you

This poem was what I wanted to read... These words I need to hear.. I understand every word in this poem. It's a so great poem, that speaks to me. I am in a situation like this. I wonder the one I love, if he remember every moments we've had together..

It's a lovely poem, hugs from Sweden

Sweetest are the Songs...

It's so much feelings.. It's a poem which is just not words. Its gives me pictures and wakes feelings. I really like this poem :)

5 Senses ~Aaron Style~

It's so much feelings in this poem. I really love it. It's so much love in it.
Well done :)

Nice Guys Finish Last...

Sometimes, I feel the same
This text really talks to me,
It's saying something, and is really waking up something inside me
'cause I know how it feels
I hope, you'll be seen soon
(But you have already been, by me)


I feel this is a very good text written by you, It talks to me.
Specially "choked by the demons of my past" and the thing about you're feeling lonely. I hopes you'll have a better day tomorrow, Soon, you're not lonely