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(modified Nov 1 2010)

[01 Sep - 31 Oct 2010 **UPDATE**] Community Poll - Site Improvements

Written 2010-11-01


Hi everyone,

Many thanks for letting us know your thoughts and concerns about having the Share toolbar available on PoetBay - all of them were taken into consideration for our decision. Many good points raised and suggestions offered, so here’s the break down :-)

The majority of participants to the present poll disagree and/or do not feel comfortable with this technology having any part in our poetry community. The concerns that were expressed range from :


Worries about the copyright implications; confidentiality issues that were personally experienced within those social networking websites; unwillingness to add to the profits those websites make for their use; uneasiness as to whether it is polite to share someone else’s works; discomfort at finding works spread over the Internet without knowing or having had a say in it; the possibility of turning PoetBay into a distracting, gimmicky website which gets too big to retain its character, purpose and sense of community.

Some of the participants who would like to see the share toolbar implemented have not expressed a preference for it to be for the authors’ private use or for the whole public’s use. And some would prefer it was made available to the author privately.


Going by the good points raised and the concerns expressed, and because some of them cannot be found a suitable compromise, we understand and agree that implementing the share toolbar could not achieve serving most of the members’ expectations. Therefore, we will NOT be implementing the share toolbar on PoetBay.

The alternative suggestions that were put forward were good (thanks!), but unfortunately not possible without a massive remodelling of PoetBay’s present code. Considering the majority’s response is not in favor of it, we also feel it would not be productive use of the little resources we have to run PoetBay to undertake this coding project.

We thank again all who have participated. We hope this result is satisfactory, and not too deeply disappointing for those who were keen to have this new feature.





Community Poll / Update by Technical Team
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Posted on 2010-11-01 at 05:51 CET




This is to inform you that the poll is still ongoing. We have extended it until the end of the month.  



Community Poll by Technical Team
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Posted on 2010-10-15 at 9:34 CET




With the advent of social networking and bookmarking technologies now available on the web, we would like to offer to our members who use these technologies the possibility of an easy access to them on PoetBay by the Share toolbar (pictured above) which would be placed at the bottom of texts, before the comments listed.


But we also realize that these technologies are not necessarily everyone's cup of tea, and since we don't want to intrude or cause discomfort to anyone's experience on PoetBay, we are turning to you for your thoughts :-)




1.  Should the Share toolbar be made available privately?


This would mean only the PoetBay author of the texts would see the toolbar on his/her own texts and could decide to share them or not through social networking sites.




2.  Should the Share toolbar be made available publicly?


This would mean that everyone who views a text on PoetBay would see the toolbar and could decide to share it through social networking sites.



NB:  The toolbar facilitates the sharing of a link which would lead to a text,  it does not facilitate the sharing of a text's integral words.


(modified Sept 3 2010)


Community Poll by Technical Team
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Posted on 2010-09-01 at 11:27 CET

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