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I was born in the cosy lap of Queen of hills 'Darjeeling'.I studied in Central School for Tibetans Darjeeling... may be just because of the marvel of the nature that my eyes perceived in Darjeeling... particularly on the roads of mall road that came on my way to school.... listening to the sweet chirping of the birds and the whispering of the cold winds and the intensity of the fog that encircled the area most of the time, transformed once a naughty and shabby child into a poet....

*** Poet of the First English Poetry Book Titled BARDS' SKETCHES Launched on Top of the World, Mt. Everest on 15th May 2006

### Winner of the Author of the Month (September) 2005 from the Association of Young Journalist and Writers, New York, USA.

1.Finalist in the International Open Poetry Contest (2002) conducted by The International Library of Poetry Washington D.C. America.

2Qualified for attending The International Society of Poet's Convention and Symposium held in Washington D.C. America on August 2002.

3. Winner of the Department of Education Scholarship 1999 to do B.A. for 3 years from Department of Education, Central Tibetan Administration Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India.

4. Nominated as a poet for the inclusion in the anthology named, 'The International Who's Who in Poetry', by International Library of Poetry, Washington, D.C.2005.

5. Poetry selected for publication in 'Poetry Vibes 2005' published by Circle of poets, Canada.

6. Nominated as a Poet of the year for the year 2005, by the International Library of Poets Society Washington D.C.

7. Presented 'Out Standing Achievement In Poetry' 2005 by the International Society of Poets, Washington D.C.2005

8. Poetry, Articles and Blogs published in The Times of Tibet.(http: //www.timesoftibet.com/authors/68/Wangdi-Gyalpo)

9. At present writing as an author for The Times of Tibet.(http: //www.timesoftibet.com/authors/68/Wangdi-Gyalpo)

10. Poetry published in The Association of Young Journalist and Writers, US.(http: //universaljournal.org/search.php? search=Wangdi+Gyalpo&type=all&submit=Search)

11. Works published in the British Council, Srilanka. (http: //www.writeclique.net/profile.php? ID=321)

12. Works published in the BBC UK(www.bbc.co.uk/dna/mbarts) . ..

Wangdi Gyalpo

43 years old from India


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"Poet of 'History's Highest English Poetry Book, BARDS' SKETCHES Launched on Mt. Everst on 15th May 2006."